Air freight is a daily requirement for a modern company. It enables lower stock levels, a quicker turnaround of goods, and shorter lead times. When time is an important factor, such as reacting to sudden fluctuations and peaks in demand, the need for quick transportation dictates that airfreight is the only real solution.

We are specialists in using airfreight for global transportation needs, and our network includes the majority of the world’s airline companies. So whether it be to the nearest airport, or on a door-to-door basis, we are able to offer you quality ensured solutions for your air freight requirements.

We are of course registered with IATA, the association that represents 83% of the world’s total air traffic. This is our quality and safety stamp; a seal of approval that you can rely on.

Furthermore, our pan-global network enables us to represent you, no matter where in the world your client is. Our membership of Global Logistics Family (GLF), World Freight Partnership (WFP) and AOG Freight 247 means that all the operators that we work with live up to a strict criteria and an universally accepted standard. A criteria and standard that YOYO Global Freight is also judged by.

Your goods are distributed locally and globally through YOYO Global Freight’s national distribution center and via our international network. As your partner expediting your business, we can offer you fast response times, and flexible and optimal solutions.